Exploring Poofyland’s Tokenization: A Look Inside Its Gaming Industry

Are You Ready for a Game Changer?

What’s up, gaming community! We’ve got some incredible news that will completely change the way you play games coming from the virtual world of Poofyland. We’re discussing a significant matter that extends beyond updates and patches. Tokenization is how Poofyland is stepping up its game, and this is a revolution in the gaming economy rather than just an upgrade.

What’s Tokenization and Why Should You Care?

Tokenization is the latest update in Poofyland. It is just not just a mysterious idea but also a game-changer that draws players in with its enchanting feature in the alluring world of Poofyland. With the help of its new feature, players can now convert their in-game assets into PFL tokens. Players can also trade, sell, or use their tokenized assets on different platforms that support them, giving them a more dynamic and connected gaming experience.

High-Level Security and True Ownership

Say goodbye to your fears of misplacing your in-game belongings with high-level security and true ownership. Your virtual assets are safely kept on the blockchain thanks to tokenization-a blockchain is somewhat like a digital ledger where it securely records all your transactions. And these assets are yours, so you’re not just playing the game for nothing anymore.

From Digital Wins to Actual Benefits

You can now exchange your amazing rewards or in-game assets from Poofyland for real money. Profit greatly in the game? It is your decision whether to cash it out or use it for staking. Furthermore, using your skills in gaming can be a clever way of turning your hobby into a profitable business venture.

Why Should You Play this Game?

In addition to leveling up skill points, training your Poofies, battling other players, and minting Poofies, this game is also a play-to-earn experience where players can earn rewards through PVP or mining that can be exchanged for real-world assets or used for staking. All digital assets a player acquires in the game belong to them, and they can do whatever they want with it. The prizes can be exchanged for real money or invested in further gameplay. The worth of the player’s resources and NFT tokens will increase depending on the game’s popularity and market conditions.

Key Points

  • The game added a new form of currency which is called PFL tokens.

  • There are new options for Gold values and Minerals.

  • Special items are a new feature that has been added to the game.

PFL Token

This is the game’s most recent addition of currency. These tokens can be used to purchase special items called "Potions", which are available on the official website. You can acquire these tokens using real-world assets and if you’d like, you can convert them back. In addition, these tokens can be exchanged for Gold value, and vice versa. 

Note: Poofyland is already planning to launch another feature that will allow users to stake PFL tokens. So make sure to play longer!

Rewarding Currency: Gold

In Poofyland, Poofy Masters use Gold during arena battles. Players receive Gold loot as rewards for winning battles. Different rooms give out different amounts of Gold based on how much energy they need. Now, for the latest update for Gold values, they can be exchanged for PFL tokens.

How to Start (Current)

  1. Check characters’ energy. If energy is not enough, purchase more energy potion in the shop using Minerals.

  2. Make sure Poofies' "Energy" suffices the energy requirement for the chosen room.

  3. Start game.

  4. Defeat opponents to win the match.

  5. Collect Gold loot reward from the match.

  6. All Gold looted from every match will be stored in your Gold wallet. If you decide to withdraw all your Gold, simply request to redeem gold. There are two ways to request redemption - via the app and via the website.

  7. If redemption is requested from the app, we will send you an email on the steps to redeem Gold on the web. If redemption is requested from the website, the process is pretty much straight-forward towards Gold redemption.

  8. After redeeming Gold on the web, Gold will then be converted to your chosen currency and sent directly to your wallet. Check your wallet to make sure money is received.

  9. Use money to purchase minerals which can then be used to buy more energy if you wish to play more.

Note: Once the PFL Token is deployed, Gold earnings can be withdrawn into PFL tokens which can then be traded in DEX and various trading platforms.

3 vs 3 Battle!

Once a match is found, players are given time to strategize, study their opponents, and position their teams for the upcoming battle. This preparation is crucial to success in the arena, as the opposing team will be doing the same and looking for any weaknesses to exploit.

During the battle, the stakes are high - the winning Poofy will claim all of the gold loot reward from the arena. The PoofyLand Arena is a challenging and dynamic environment, requiring players to think quickly and strategize on the fly in order to emerge victorious. The thrill of competition and the potential rewards of victory make it a popular destination for players of all skill levels.

In-Game Currency: Minerals

Poofy Masters used Minerals to purchase items such as in-game NFTs and energy refills. Additionally, Minerals can no longer be acquired using exchanging of Gold value but only on Missions in the training grounds or by purchasing them through USDT and Apple pay & Android.

Special Items

Revive and Protect Potions are the new added items in the game. These can be purchased exclusively by using PFL tokens and once purchased, they will be automatically stored in the “inventory island.” The purpose of Revive potion is to restore your returned Poofies with “inactive” status to “active”after a failed fusion, and the purpose of Protect potion is to prevent your selected NFT from having an “inactive” status if ever the fusion fails. Further details about the usage of these items will be discussed prior to the feature's release in future updates.

About Poofyland’s Latest Updates

We are excited about the new changes in Poofyland! Here is a recap of all the latest updates.

  • A recently added feature that expands the game’s potential for new players is being introduced in the game which opens up a new realm of possibilities for new players. 

  • PFL Token deployment is scheduled to set foot in the amazing world of Poofyland in mid 2024 or earlier. The usage of the token will be discussed in the next updates.

We know what you might be thinking right now, "What are Potions?"

These are new items being added to the game, which are called Protect potion and Revive potion. Protect potion is used to prevent your chosen NFT from being inactive if a fusion fails, while Revive potion is used on your returned Poofies with “inactive” status after a fusion fails, restoring them to “active.” 

But wait, there’s more! 

Gold values can be exchanged for PFL tokens, and Minerals can be be acquired in the training grounds or by purchasing them through USDT and Apple Pay & Android. Yes! in the next updates, Poofyland NFT Game will release a mining feature in the game where players can mine for Minerals during training! We added these new updates to enhance the gaming experience for players, making it more well-balanced and exciting!

Its going to be a BIG YEAR for Poofyland! The Crazy Munchies Studio team is burning the midnight oil to deliver mind-blowing updates that will redefine your Poofyland experience. We're on the edge of our seats, and we can't wait to unveil the magic we've been brewing! Stay tuned for the thrilling updates that will sweep you off your feet.

The countdown has begun, and this is a journey you won't want to miss!