Poofyland is a turn-based NFT 3D mobile game where players can explore a magical world filled with Poofies, creatures with different elemental powers. The game offers various activities such as duels, training, and leveling up skills. The game features a rewarding system where players earn valuable rewards by winning arena battles, which can be monetized. It supports various currencies including crypto, making it accessible worldwide. Poofyland is an entertaining and immersive gaming experience suitable for players of all skill levels. Now available on Google Play and Apple App Store.

The Poofies



The masters of fire, capable of unleashing powerful flames and scorching their opponents with intense heat. Great choice for more aggressive playstyle.


The water-based creatures that can manipulate water and ice to freeze their enemies in place, heal their teammates, and create a variety of other aquatic effects.


They specialize in manipulating the wind and air around them, allowing them to move with lightning-fast speed and fly high above their opponents.


The grounded creatures that can control the earth and its elements, allowing them to create walls and obstacles to protect themselves and their teammates.




An interactive game arena where players fight against other players over gold loot. All gold won from the arena can be withdrawn into real-world currency with a predetermined conversion rate. PVP uses a balanced system that matches players against other players inside the same league and level. The arena offers players an earning opportunity for every win. Every room has a different energy requirement to get in to. The amount of gold looted from each match will depend on which room the player chooses to enter.

Skills are learnt in the training ground where Mystic Masters test out the strength of their team composition. By embarking on a journey inside the training ground, Poofies are subjected in Missions and Trainings which allows them to upgrade their learnt skills which expands their skill set, thereby giving them more skill options especially when fighting in the arena. Mystic Masters can then utilise these skills to make the best combination and gain advantage in PVP matches.

To make Poofies even more powerful than they already are, Fusion is undertaken. By undergoing Fusion, Poofies' powers are merged to make one strong Poofy. This Poofy will have an increased star level which levels up its base attributes thereby making it stronger in the arena. This increase in star-level will come in handy when battling with other Poofies, increasing the team's chances of winning the match.







    Our Goal


    • Q4 2022
      • Team Onboarding
      • Project Plan Approval
      • Game and Character Design Conceptualization
      • Implementation of Game Play and Workflow Designs
      • Game Characters and Map Prototype Finalization
      • Game Design and Asset Licensing
      • Completion of Documents for Mobile App Deployment
      • Game Economic Design and Implementation
    • Q1 2023
      • Official Release of marketing Site and Content
      • Trailers and Teasers of In-Game Story Outline
      • Implementation of whitepaper and NFT Smart contract
      • Internal Phase: Game and Shop Testing
      • Marketing and Community events starts
      • Social Media and Press Release Publications
    • Q2 2023
      • Internal Phase: PVP and Training Ground Enhancement
      • NFT Minting (Beta Test)
      • Game Enhancement: Internal Betatest
      • Fixing and Polishing of In-game Assets
      • Video Trailers Release
      • AMA Sessions and Youtube Promotions
    • Q3 2023
      • Public Release: Beta Test App
      • Official Game Launching (All Game Modes)
      • In Game Economy Integration
      • Mobile Application Release: Android and IOS
      • NFT Public Sales
    • Q4 2023
      • Public Release: Fusion
      • PVP Tournaments
      • New Accessories (Seasonal Exclusive Batch Release)
      • Existing Game Modes Fine-tuning and Updates
      • Additional Game Modes (TBA)
      • Community Engagement and marketing Strategies
      • AMA with DEVS
    • Q1 2024
      • Marketplace Launching
      • Additional Rarities Implementation
      • Community Events and Tournaments
    • Q2 2024
      • Ongoing Development…


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